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  • Palm OS
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3.1 29/07/09
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Lightspeed is fully compatible with:

  • Palm OS 5.0
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Only available for 21-day trial.

Lightspeed lets you change the Bus clock frequency and CPU clock frequency on your Palm OS 5 device that has a intel XScale CPU. These settings can be changed individually for each software application.

For processor intensive applications - such as Games, Emulators, Image Viewers, Movie Players, Database applications, Map Viewers, 3D Graphic Renderers etcetera - the Bus clock and CPU clock can be set as high as possible to maximize the system performance and user experience. For less processor intensive applications - such as PIM applications, Launchers, Ebook readers etcetera - the Bus clock and CPU clock can be set as low as possible to maximize the battery life.

The intel XScale CPU are designed by intel to be run at different CPU clock settings and Bus clock settings. Hence the "Scale" part in XScale. The different CPU clock settings and Bus clock settings have been tested thoroughly with each of the supported devices. The possible settings in Lightspeed are the ones that have been found very stable during testing and are somewhat different depending which of the supported devices Lightspeed is used with.

Key features of Lightspeed include:

  • Overclock and Increase Performance
  • Underclock and Increase Battery Life
  • Increase the Bus clock frequency by as much as 200 percent!
  • Set the CPU clock frequency to as high as 600 Mhz

Lightspeed is a handy utility for anyone who wants greater control over the clock speed of their Palm powered PDA.

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